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Pet Baron is a MMO strategy game with a deep blockchain adoption where you can participate in various in-game activities to earn NFT rewards:
  • Build and expand your land - watch your pets harvest and transfer resources
  • Raid other players - break their walls, steal their resources
  • Collect, breed, train pets - obtain over 600* pet variation on the game launch
  • Win at the arena - form the most powerful squad
  • Craft equipment - weapons to fight and tools to develop your land
  • Fight raid bosses - together with your clan, you are unbeatable
  • Make friends - coop with other player in clan's for PvP and PvE activities
  • Craft spells - enchant your pets with magic
  • Play and Earn - game token can be easily converted to fiat and traded on the platform
There can be 1,000,000 concurrent players on the same realm at once. You will see all battles with your pets happen in a dynamically animated kill-move 3D action, that will bring a lot of satisfaction to watch as they overcome your enemies! Overall, Pet Baron combines core elements of strategy, resource management, and utilizes the block-chain technology to create an unique gaming experience.

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Token White-papper

Short version

Game uses 2 tokens economy model:
  1. $BRN is a deflationary token with max supply of 100,000,000.
    • From the game launch, a pool of 7,911,250 tokens will be issued by the game every year. Players can earn them through in-game activities.
    • Issued amount of tokens will decline each year by 33% artificially increasing the price along with the burn events.
    $BRN can be obtained by:
    1. Performing a raid on another players bases to steal their resources.
    2. Competing with other players on a seasoned leader-board.
    3. Staking inside in-game Vault to obtain passive bonuses.
      • Monthly pool for stacking is 3,600 $BRN and will decline with time according the global decline rules.
      • Having $BRN in Vault has multiple benefits, increasing the game progression speed and boosting Baron’s power.
    4. Liquidity farming - the game ecosystem will stimulate players that convert $BRN into LP tokens and assign them to the token pool.
      • Liquidity rewards will be only distributed on an epoch base of 14 days, with a penalty for extracting the LP tokens before the epoch period.
      • Providing liquidity will lead to the assets being locked and increase player's progress speed.
      • The 14 days pool will start from 8,160 $BRN and will decline with time according the global decline rules.
    5. Beating the world event that will run every 24-48h faster than other guilds. The world event will eventually become harder until guilds manage to beat it.
    6. Participating in the community based events that will launch in-game activities.
  2. $BRI inflationary token with no max supply.
    • Those tokens are used as an in-game soft currency for players to trade and spend on minor upgrades.
    • This token is centralized on the platform and can be only withdrawn from the platform with applied limit.
  3. $BRI can be obtained by:
    1. Selling goods on the market
    2. Farming PvE encounters
    3. Winning in PvP encounters
    4. Trading with other players
    5. Farming resources on the world map
    6. Participating in some minor game events
    7. Other in-game activities

While $BRN is strictly bonded to the NFT item's value and spent only on a major in-game activities (i.e. event entrance, high-end breeding, high-end crafting, etc). - most burn will be a result of the PvP and competitive activities. The $BRI token is a common soft currency that is constantly consumed by the players to progress in the game. Any management (development) action requires the player to spend $BRI (i.e. upgrading facilities, gear, building new, repairing or crafting equipment, entering the arena, etc... - consumes $BRI exponentially as the player progresses through the game).

At the start of the project, $BRI intentionally has no liquidity and players will build an entire economy from scratch, determining the meta that can later be adjusted by new content updates or be used as a pillar for the further expansion.

The core value for the $BRN comes from the fact that players have an in-game mechanism to trade using convertible currency. In the past, multiple MMORPG games struggled with the black market issue, where the players were selling game’s soft currency risking off to the scammers. Those economy systems are now evolved into an open bullet-proof markets with the use of the in-game tokens as in-game currency as well as the NFT’s to allow true ownership of game assets.

Players will be able to obtain chests with in-game content by minting them during their journey in Pet Baron game. Those chests will be available from the in-game shop and allow players to obtain multiple different in-game items.



Some creatures are good at fighting. Some are great land developers capable of high yield production and defenses.

Player will promote one of his creatures to become "The Baron" and rule his lands. The Baron must constantly prove his status in battles so that all other creatures do not lose their morale.

However, creatures in this world are mortal, and every action taken by them will lower their lifespan leading to inevitable death. Game is designed in the way, that all creatures and items are threaten as "consumables" and will require regular activity from an ordinary player in order to stay profitable.





Player's goal is to develop an efficient and consistent production chain on his land and to protect it from raids.

”First Rule Of Business, Protect Your Investment.” Etiquette Of The Banker 1775

Each land is an NFT that stores all the development data in case of transfer (l.e. building, production chains, etc)

Player will build different production facilities on his land and connect them via logistics by using creatures to transfer resources between the facilities.


Cooperation in guilds is key to success in the game economy. Specialization among players, with some focused on production and others on combat, are mandatory for guild to stay on the top of the ladder.

Trading and coop raids are also important social aspects of the game, where people can interact, earn and have fun playing the game.

Players can form and join guilds to participate in the most risky and rewarding activities: world-raid bosses and global PvP events.

In case players want to receive the most powerful characters or pieces of equipment, they will have to trade with other players - its impossible to produce all required components solo.

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