Red Rift and Clarnium Forge a Powerful web3 Partnership

Red Rift and Clarnium Forge a Powerful web3 Partnership Image

Red Rift, a AAA & Mobile game publisher in the world of play-to-earn (P2E) games, is delighted to establish strong partnership with Clarnium, a Web3 gaming ad network and distribution platform.

This collaboration is a major step forward in our mission to bring innovative gaming experiences to Web3 players worldwide. Together with Clarnium, we will strive to create unforgettable games for our community and solve the current problems of the GameFi market.
Denis Puhleacov,  CEO & Founder of Red Rift.

The close collaboration between Clarnium and Red Rift aims to provide a unique and competitive user experience for web3 players worldwide. By working together to promote the adoption of GameFi and Web3 technologies, our companies can achieve remarkable success in attracting high-quality players to our project Pet Baron and Cards of Ethernity.

Pet BaronClarnium and Red Rift Games will introduce new mechanisms that enable players to monetize their in-game assets and participate actively in the economy of virtual worlds. Thus, we’ll create a user-centric environment focusing on both exciting gameplay and rewarding experiences.
Vadim Gurko, Co-founder & CEO of Clarnium.

This partnership will engage and educate players, making their journey through GameFi and Web3 technologies exciting and informative. The partnership between Clarnium and Red Rift is set to have a significant impact on the stable and rapid development of GameFi in 2023, driving its growth and advancement.

About Clarnium.
Clarnium is a Web3 gaming ad network & distribution platform, an ultimate environment for playing, research and game promotion. It creates the right environment and solutions where gamers’ needs and interests come first. Clarnium ecosystem is a one-stop solution for low-barrier entry to GameFi and getting up-to-date knowledge and tools to revive your potential through all market opportunities.