Prompt Artist

Full Time, Middle, Remote Work

Red Rift is a game studio in Michigan led by industry veterans from AAA studios. We are building a development team with world-class talent to create a new crypto universe for our mobile visual novel.
Our goal is to create the greatest games in the world. We are currently considering adding new Prompt Artist to our core team.


  • Creativity: you should have a creative and imaginative mind to come up with unique and exceptional ideas for each prompt.
  • Ability to work under pressure: Time can be of the essence when delivering prompt art. Artists should be able to handle pressure and complete projects efficiently.
  • Communication skills: you must be able to effectively communicate their ideas and present their work to the clients.
  • Good drawing skills: An artist should have excellent drawing and sketching abilities for creating quality and visually pleasing artwork.
  • Flexibility: you must be able to adapt to various styles and mediums, including traditional and digital, according to the client's requirements.
  • Attention to detail: you should be detail-oriented in order to produce high-quality artwork.
  • Brand awareness: To produce artwork that meets client needs, prompt artists should have an understanding of the client's core values and identity.
  • Time management: you must be able to efficiently manage their time, prioritize tasks, and deliver the final product within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Why us?

  • Free schedule, employment 40 hours a week at any time convenient for you;
  • Young close-knit team with a culture of mutual assistance and excellent understanding;
  • Flexible development process, training and knowledge sharing;
  • Timely payment linked to a stable currency;
  • Opportunity for continuous career growth;
  • Variety of work, many projects of different complexity. We use the latest technologies.

We will be glad to see you as a part of our team! Conquer the heights with us!

Sincerely, Red Rift.