CTO (Unity)

Full Time, Lead , Remote Work

Red Rift is a game studio in Michigan led by industry veterans from AAA studios. We are building a development team with world-class talent to create a new crypto universe for our multiplatform roleplaying collectible card game (CCG).
Our goal is to create the greatest games in the world. We are currently considering adding new CTO(Unity) to our core team.


  • More than 10 years experience in Software Development as an engineer or full-stack engineer
  • More than 5 years on positions of Architect, CTO, VP of Engineering, Team Lead
  • Experience in at least 1 high loaded project.
  • Excellent knowledge of .Net stack and tools of MS dev ecosystem.
  • Good knowledge of game development pipelines with use of Unity3D or Unreal Engine
  • Good knowledge of web-servers and dedicated services development with use of Asp.Net Core or native C#
  • In-depth knowledge of DDD, Onion architecture, CQRS, REST API, web sockets, data manipulation, storage
  • Excellent knowledge of modern C# with related libs and best practices (Linq, automapper, DI, EF, etc)
  • Excellent knowledge of modern data storages (both RBDMS and Document-Oriented ones): Postgresql, Mongodb, Rethinkdb
  • Excellent knowledge of modern CI/CD (and/or at least one of the following): Azure, AWS, GCP
  •  Extremally clear and good communication (Eng. C1 or higher)
  •  Experience with product budgeting and development budget control
  • Experience in technical documentation development
  • Irresistible desire to actively develop in the field of blockchain in gamedev


  • Blockchain experience: ERC20, BEP20, Solidity, Cosmos
  • Knowledge in NFT (ERC-1155, ipfs usage)
  • Message brokers: RabbitMQ, Kafka, Beanstalkd
  • Docker, containerization tools

We offer:

  • Completely remote work;
  • Flexible schedule with 40-hour working week;
  • Inflation-protected wages;
  • Extended social package (English classes, sports reimbursement, internal and external training, individual health insurance, gifts for holidays and significant dates, etc.); 
  • A team of professionals who are in love with their work, who will always help in difficult situations and support in a friendly way   
  • Transparency of processes and adequate management.

We will be glad to see you as a part of our team! Conquer the heights with us!

Sincerely, Red Rift.